Bailar (Duet Dance)

Grab a partner and show your synchronised moves. Take away the fame of duet at Bailar.


TEAM SIZE : 2 (irrespective of gender)

ROUND ONE : Online
  • Any two individuals can pair up (irrespective of their gender) to participate in this event.
  • . Participants must send the video or the link to a video at The deadline of submission shall be notified later, by E-mail.
  • Participants may perform any dance style(s).
  • The deadline for the same will be notified.

  • ROUND TWO : Finals

    Maximum of 10 participants shall be selected from the online round. For finals, the selected participants will be called to the campus and will have to present their prepared performances.

    TIME LIMIT : : 4-6 minutes (+ 2min setup and clearance time).

    DANCE FORM : Same as online round.

    **In case of conflicts, decision of the judges would be considered final.

    PRIZESCash prizes worth Rs 9000

    General Rules:

  • One person can stay as a member in only one team. Heavy penalty shall be imposed on both teams if this is violated.
  • All kinds of songs are allowed. Participants may use more than one song in their performance. Remixes are also allowed.
  • Teams are requested to submit their props list prior to the competition, failing which the props may not be allowed.
  • All audio files must be submitted to the organizers in advance, named as [Groupname_duet_bailar].They should copy the music on a CD which must be submitted at the registration table on arrival.
  • Any kind of fluid, flame or heavy object is not allowed on stage.
  • Obscenity of any kind is not allowed and will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • All costumes, props, music, etc. must be brought by the participants themselves.
  • TThe decision of the judges shall be final and binding.

  • Point Of Contact

    Sphoorty | 7471119401 |