Clash Of Cults

We have something on board , to test your knowledge in Hollywood, Bollywood, TV, literature, entertainment and many other things. Clash of Cults is a pop quiz for those bookworms, smarties and those couch potatoes who spent hours watching TV Series. Excited already? Wait for Atharv, and we'll see you here! Let your zeal remain!


ROUND ONE : Preliminary
  • A preliminary round of 25 written questions shall be held, as an elimination round, with starred questions to be used as a tiebreaker.
  • Top 8 teams shall go through to the final round.
  • Each team shall consist of 2 people

  • ROUND TWO : Finals
  • The finals shall consist of 4 rounds, 3 of infinite bounce, with passable questions, first in a clockwise, then counter-clockwise direction.
  • . A prominent quiz master will be conducting the event
  • Each round shall consist of about 6 questions.

  • Prizes : Cash Prizes worth Rs 15000

    Point Of Contact

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