If Economics fills you with ardor substantially and if contemporary issues make you an instant analyzer, this is the time to prove your caliber. A novel coalescence of economics and reality, E- conjecture is the perfect experience for those wishing to put their command over economics to investigate and analyze real life events.

Come and cut through the castle of conjectures, convince our judges and audience with your logic.

General Rules:

Team Size : Each team shall consist of 2 participants.
  • Round I

    Online Qualifier Round - Elimination based.
    Short Economics based quiz in which participants have to offer economic explanation to simple everyday happenings.
    20 teams from the online round will be selected.

  • Round II

    On-Campus Screening Round.
    A unique round where old theories and new concepts are put to test.

  • Round III

    Case Study based round in which economic explanations have to be offered pertaining to the case.

  • Prizes : Cash Prizes worth Rs 20000

    Point Of Contact

    Bharath Kumar | 8050588124 | i16kolipakulab@iimidr.ac.in