Game of Shadows


Mystery and uncertainty come to play in this game theory based event where one must compete, collaborate and betray as need be. The event in which you can never be certain of anything. Play to your advantage what you can, and leave the rest to the shadows.

General Rules:

Team Size : No teams. Every individual for themselves.
  • All the rounds will be held on campus. There will be no screening prior to the event itself.
  • The rounds will be held at night and thus will not conflict with any other event.
  • As Atharv's most unique event, Game of Shadows follows no fixed pattern. Rounds will be designed on an elimination basis and involve quick thinking, mental calculations and time limits.

  • Prizes : Cash Prizes worth Rs 20000

    Point Of Contact

    Ansh Mishra | 7471112781 |
    Harshvardhan | 7033734520 |