If Photography is your preferred way of expressions and photographs your life's treasures, we have something just for you! Show the world how you see it and what makes you own your craft. Capture that and show the world what it feels like from behind the lens.


ROUND ONE : Online
  • Register ⇓ed participants are required to send a portfolio consisting of two photographs of their best work.
  • Entries should be sent to in a zipped file.
  • The photography should be original work. The submitted photograph should contain all EXIF details. Any photo found not adhering to this rule is subject to disqualification.
  • The deadline for the submission will be notified later by E-mail
  • The photograph can be clicked on any camera (DSLR/phone camera/digital camera). The entry shall not be judged on the basis of quality of the photograph​.
  • Qualified Participants will be called for the in-campus round.

  • The participants will have to submit two portfolios in this round.
  • Portfolio 1 will consist of 10 photographss (topic to be announced)​.
  • Portfolio 2 will consist of a photo story consisting of up to ten photographs taken during the fest portraying a story of the given theme.
  • Each portfolio will get 50% of the weightage for the final judgment
  • Results will be declared on Day 3 of the fest.

  • General Rules:

  • Decisions of the judges and the organizing committee of Atharvཎ shall be final and binding.
  • Photographs submitted in round 1 will become shared property of Atharvཎ as well as the participants. Both the parties may use it as per their discretion.
  • Deadlines are considered to be sacred and cannot be extended.
  • Participation is on an individual basis open only to undergraduate students.
  • Participants will be solely responsible for bringing their required equipments and for the safety of the same. Atharvཎ or the institute will not be responsible for any damage or loss.

  • Prizes : Cash Prizes worth Rs 15000

    Point Of Contact

    Navya Singhal | 9876681197 |