The IIM Indore InterVarsity Debate

For the past editions of Atharv, the IIM Indore InterVarsity debate has been nothing but a spectacle to witness. With every passing year, we've been proud to invite tougher competition and more relentless debating.

With new topics being introduced every edition and excellent participation doing justice to them, IV has been an event that never disappoints. We have been proud, not only to have been spectators to some brilliant speakers, but also to have provided a stage for many to begin their debating at greater scale.

IV follows a general British Parliamentary format, with the following basic rules:
  • Each team consists of two members
  • There are four teams in each house
  • There are three adjudicators in each house
  • The teams are arbitrarily assigned the role of Opening Government, Opening Opposition, Closing Government, Closing Opposition; and are invited to speak in the order of OG, OO, CG, CO
  • The teams are introduced to the topic for each house 15 minutes before the commencement of debate, which time they shall use for preparation. Topics are decided by the core adjudicators.

  • We've had a stellar adjudication core over the years who have done nothing but help make IV a memorable experience.

    Along with him, we also had Achitha Jacob whose laudable effort to increase women's participation in debating is well known to all. Achitha, who was invited as Chief Adjudicator to set debate topics & adjudication policy at 15+ National Debate Tournaments, gave extremely helpful feedback to all the participants. The winner of Mood-I Debate was an excellent addition to the core adjudicators last year. This year too, we promise a star-studded adj-core and a highly competitive tournament.

    Like last year, we expect participation from all over the nation. With some brilliant speakers joining us, we promise to make this a debate like never before. Be a part of the crowd that stands apart, and make sure your voice is heard.

    The core team is set and the wheels are turning. This Atharv we aim at making this an experience like never before. Do not let your voice get muffled. Make sure to register soon and come join us this year!

    The third edition of the IIMI's Inter-varsity debating tournament promises not just the highest quality of debating but a stellar adjudication core. Come test your wits in this war of words!

    General Rules:

    Team Size : Each team shall consist of 2 participants. Cross college teams are allowed.
  • The debate will be held in the British Parliamentary format following the 2014 WUDC rules.
  • Registration fees for the event, both for adjudicators and debaters including accommodation for 3 days will be 1800/- per team member
  • N+1 rule for adjudicators.
  • The decision of the Organizers will be final and binding.

  • Point Of Contact

    Shivangi Soni | 8888858991 |