If you are a soul who looks beyond the superficiality of all things materialistic and recognize the beauty of simple things, if you are a dreamer who can turn the most mundane of events into something special, then this is the stage for you to bring out the artist in you and paint the world in whatever colour you want. It's now your time to wield the camera, shoot a short film and show the world what you are made up of. Here, at Atharv, we wish to relive a dream where you are the creators of a dream world. Let the magic happen! Let Vignette happen!


ROUND ONE : Online
  • In the preliminary round, the Register ⇓ed groups shall send a work of theirs, or a link to it, to . The deadline for submission will be notified by E-mail.
  • These videos will be the short listing criteria, and will be judged by Adaa, the IPM drama and film making club of IIM Indore.
  • The shortlisted teams shall be informed via E-mail to their Register ⇓ed member, and will be invited to Atharv .
  • The deadline for submission will be notified.
  • A maximum of 8 teams will be selected for the final round.
  • Team Size- at most 12 (including actors + Technical team)
  • Time Limit for the video: 5-15 minutes (including credits)
  • There is no theme in this round.

  • ROUND TWO : Finals
  • The qualified teams will have to make a new short film on a given theme. However, there is a catch. The participants will have only 48 hours and the four walls of the IIM-I Campus to exhibit their magic behind the camera and create a film that will leave the audience asking for more.
  • Time Limit: 3-12 minutes (including credits)
    Theme: To be revealed at the beginning of the fest

  • The Completed movies (accompanied by the name of the college and details of team members along with their role in the making of the movie) must be submitted in .mpeg or .avi or .mp4 formats only and must be handed over by Day 2 EOD to the concerned person. The films will be played in between the events on the third day of the fest. It will be Judged by the people who are prominent in this field and the roaring auditorium together.

  • CRITERIA FOR JUDGING : Editing, Cinematography, Script (originality), Acting, sound effects, overall impact.

    Prizes : Cash Prizes worth Rs 25000

    Point Of Contact

    Bhavya Rawal | 8959826187
    Rishikesh Uday Sankar | 9400773635|